A Trusted Healing Touch for Generations

Welcome to Dr. Rajkumar’s About page, where we take pride in introducing an extraordinary medical professional who has touched the lives of countless patients with compassion, expertise, and dedication. Dr. Rajkumar, MBBS, with qualifications from Annamalai University and Lokmani Institute in Maharashtra, is an eminent figure in the medical community, known for his exceptional skills as a family physician, pediatrician, and general physician.

A Journey of Excellence:

Dr. Rajkumar’s journey in the field of medicine began with a strong academic foundation at Annamalai University, where he earned his MBBS degree. Fueled by an unwavering desire to specialize in pediatric care, he pursued and successfully completed DCH (Diploma in Child Health) at Lokmani Institute in Maharashtra. These formative years of education laid the groundwork for his remarkable career in healing and caring for patients of all ages.

Clinical Expertise and Professional Achievements:

Dr. Rajkumar’s professional journey has been nothing short of exceptional. He started his career at the renowned Masonic Hospital in CBE (Coimbatore), where he garnered invaluable experience in various medical domains, earning accolades for his dedication to patient well-being. His passion for providing specialized care for children led him to Unique Children Hospital in Pune, where he currently serves as a pillar of strength for young patients and their families. Dr. Rajkumar’s expertise in pediatrics, coupled with his versatility as a general physician, makes him an invaluable asset in the medical community.

Directorship at Rajeshwari Hospital:

Dr. Rajkumar’s commitment to excellence and his dedication to patient care caught the attention of Rajeshwari Hospital, where he was appointed as the Director. For the past 20 years, he has steered the hospital towards new heights of success, expanding its services and facilities to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the community. Under his visionary leadership, Rajeshwari Hospital has become a trusted healthcare institution, renowned for its patient-centric approach and advanced medical treatments.

Healing with a Personal Touch:

Beyond the realm of medical expertise, Dr. Rajkumar is known for his innate ability to connect with patients on a personal level. His warm and empathetic approach immediately puts patients at ease, creating an environment of trust and open communication. Patients often express their heartfelt gratitude for the healing touch and compassionate care they receive from Dr. Rajkumar. His genuine concern for his patients’ well-being extends beyond their physical health, earning him a special place in their hearts.

A Beacon of Hope:

Dr. Rajkumar’s impact on the medical community and the lives of his patients is immeasurable. Through his vast experience and continuous pursuit of knowledge, he stays at the forefront of medical advancements, ensuring that his patients receive the best possible care. His reputation as a family physician, pediatrician, and general physician precedes him, and he remains a source of hope and healing for generations of families.

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